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Western Digital (WDC) Hard Drive WD795GD (WD Raptor) drivers are tiny programs that enable your Hard Drive hardware to communicate with your operating system software. Maintaining updated Western Digital (WDC) Hard Drive WD795GD software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. Using outdated or corrupt Western Digital (WDC) Hard Drive WD795GD drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and cause your computer or hardware to fail. Furthermore, installing the wrong Western Digital (WDC) drivers can make these problems even worse.

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As we 8767 ve found previously, PCMark seems to favour SSDs over hard drives, giving them seemingly overzealous scores based on their fast access times and this certainly seems to be the case again here. Regardless, though, the VelociRaptor at least showed it is clearly the fastest hard drive on test and it even won a token single victory over the OCZ SSD in the Windows Media Center test.

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Next, we loaded an identical installation of Windows onto each drive. We then test the boot, reboot, and shutdown speeds of the system with each drive installed. Following this we ran the HDD portion of the PCMark Vantage test suite. This runs a whole host of simulated hard drive tests including Windows Vista booting, video editing using Windows Movie Maker, and importing music into Windows Media Player. At the end it returns an overall score but also breaks down the results into individual scores we 8767 ve reported both.

However, one quick look at the above picture and you realise that there 8767 s been quite a rethink on WD 8767 s part. No longer is the Raptor a conventional hard drive, instead the mechanics are stored inside what looks like a standard notebook hard drive chassis with the rest of the VelociRaptor 8767 s bulk being made up of an enormous heat sink.

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Answer ID 8865 | This answer explains how to format a WD drive for use on Windows and macOS. Read more

Web Server DriveMark 7557 - A mix of synthetically-created reads through IOMeter that attempts to model the heavily random access that a dedicated web server experiences. Individual tests are run under loads with 6 I/O, 9 I/Os, 66 I/Os, and 69 I/Os outstanding. The Server DriveMark is a convenient at-a-glance figure derived from the weighted average of results obtained from the four different loads.

Incidentally it can also be used without the heatsink but this isn 8767 t something we tried. Obviously if you do, it will make the drive run hotter and, more importantly, removing it will void WD 8767 s 5-year warranty so I 8767 d leave the tinkering to OEMs.

Answer ID 8865 | This answer explains how to format a WD drive for use on Windows and macOS. Read more

The WD795GD hit general availability in mid-December. Though it took much longer than hoped, the firm has finally supplied SR with production samples. This newest Raptor features a 65,555 RPM spindle speed, two 87 GB platters, a millisecond advertised seek time, an 8-megabyte buffer, and a 5-year warranty.