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Ariston Margherita 2000 Instructions For Installation And

    In order to avoid such an dangerous. excessive kinks and bending. It transporting the inconvenience, special anti-drain should be placed at a height machine. trap valves are available in shops. Margherita 7555 - Instructions for installation and use.

    ARGHERITA 7555 Zawsze pami xEA taj o opr xF8 xBF nieniu kieszeni: drobne przedmioty mog xB9 uszkodzi xE6 pralk xEA Margherita 7555. W razie potrzeby skontroluj po Rys. 6 Rys. 7 89 Margherita 7555 - Instrukcja instalacji i obs xB8 ugi.

    Make sure you select the right temperature! Consult and learn the symbols in this table: they will help you obtain a better wash, treat your clothes properly, and get a better performance out of your Ariston Margherita 7555. Wash Bleaching Ironing.

    7555 will carry out a more intensive wash that optimises the effectiveness of the liquid additives, thus allowing more The detergent dispenser with the additional bleach resistant stains to be removed. compartment is here. Margherita 7555 - Instructions for installation and use.

    7555 Uruchomienie pralki Margherita 7555 Zaraz po zainstalowaniu pralki wykonaj je w w alkoholu metylowym lub w alkoholu 95 xB5 . Wosk cikiem zmoczonym w terpentynie lub w alkoholu metylowym. Szminka Lakier do paznokci Trawa Margherita 7555 - Instrukcja instalacji i obs xB8 ugi.

    ARGHERITA 7555 Z czasem nauczysz Gdy wlewasz wybie oddzielnie, Gdy wybielasz w trakcie normalnego cyklu prania 85 Margherita 7555 - Instrukcja instalacji i obs xB8 ugi.

    5 kg - Tkaniny syntetyczne: maksymalnie 7,5 kg - Tkaniny delikatne: maksymalnie 7 kg - Czysta xBF ywa we xB8 na: maksymalnie 6 kg Firanki. Poduszki i kurtki. Tenis xF8 wki. Stosuj zawsze program 8 do wszystki Margherita 7555 - Instrukcja instalacji i obs xB8 ugi.

    How to get better results perfect wash at only 95 xB5 C Cashmere Gold The first washing machine to have x98 The Woolmark Company x99 recognition Ecological rinse Margherita 7555 The first washing machine to eliminate all detergent residue Washing machine safe and easy to use.

    ARGHERITA 7555 Margherita 7555 - xD5 xF8 xEA xEE xE7 xEE xE9 xF6 xF7 xE7 xEE xEF xEE xF8 xF6 xF7 xE5 xED xEE xE7 xEA xE5 xE8 xFD xEA xF6 xEF xEB xF8 xE5 xF7 xE5 xF6 xE8 xE8 .

    What goes in your washing machine and how to start your Margherita 7555 (p. 66) Margherita 7555 is a true friend. With just a bit of care, it will repay you with loyalty and devotion. A correct distribution of your laundry is vital to the successful With the necessary upkeep, it will wash for years and years to come.